Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Behind the scenes of my Pluralsight testimonial video

A little over a year ago, Pluralsight published an interview on their blog about how I spent my first maternity leave training. Since then a lot has happened. Long story short, my second maternity leave is just around the corner, and I've engaged in yet another interesting project with Pluralsight: A video testimonial.

Last week, a Pluralsight production team of four came to Norway from the US to film the video testimonial. They followed me around the office for a day and spent a day at home with my family doing interviews and filming our typical Saturday. Quite an experience considering I've never before been in front of a camera!

I'll share the video when it's published, meanwhile you can take a look at some of the photos taken during the filming:

A photo posted by Phil Hunter (@pbhunter) on

I had an amazing time shooting the video, this is without doubt the coolest experience I've had in my career so far! And it was all because of the wonderful team from Pluralsight, being such a fun gang despite having to deal with a jetlag and a slightely nervous me.

Thank you, Mariangel, Phil, Rick and Justin! And of course, a big thanks to Pluralsight for giving me this opportunity!

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