Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In a NDC Oslo state of mind

I'm still in a NDC Oslo state of mind. The conference flew by so fast, my mind is still full of exciting ideas I can't wait to try out and presentations I haven't had the chance to see yet. Every year I look forward to developers from all over the world visiting my city, seeing all the querky things they tweet about our slightly strange country, and finally meeting all those people I'm used to seeing in my feed every day. And I love the energy of the conference! Being surrounded by knowledge, seeing your heros up on the stage, inspiring me to take action and become a better version of myself.

But this year was different. This year I found my own name of the speakers list and that added a whole new dimension to the experience. I'm extremely grateful and honoured to be accepted as a speaker, I still find myself having a hard time believing it. The nerves were definitely present before my presentation, especially as Scott Hanselman, Douglas Crockford and Scott Meyers spoke in the same slot as me. At one point I was imagining myself all alone in room 6, but guess what? One by one, people showed up to see my presentation. Thanks, everyone! If you missed my talk, you can watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/97349265

As I was so wrapped up in my own presentation on the first day of the conference and exhausted the second day, the amount of information I managed to take in was a little bit limited. But I did see some great presentations you should check out:

How I hacked myself to Norway - by Troy Hunt
This was probably the best presentations I saw live during the conference. Showing the audience how easy it is to gain access to information you shouldn't have access to, mixing in a lot of humour, made this presentations very entertaining and useful.

Developing in a decade - by Hadi Hariri
I love talks that make you think and give you an entirely new perspective of how you view the world. This was one of those talks for me. Why are we developers? Are we really changing the world for the better?

Seven ineffective coding habits of many programmers - by Kevlin Henney
Small habits that make a difference, how do you become more efficient? This talk is quite different from the usual 'efficiency' talks out there, and it's worth the watch!

Becoming an Outlier: Career Reboot for the Developer Mind - by Cory House
This was the most motivating presentation I saw during the conference. If I ever need a boost of inspiration and energy, this is the one I'll watch again.

Full stack web performance - by Nik Molnar
I'm quite annoyed that I didn't get to see this talk live, as there was so much buzz about it afterwards. So the first thing I did after a long rest after the conference was to watch it online. Throughout large parts of the talk I found myself thinking "Why has no one told me this before!?". Great talk!

These are just some of the presentations I recommend, I know I've yet to see a lot of the great ones and I'm really looking forward to it. Awesome conference, entertaining presentations and inspiring developers. I want more!

This came as a bit of a surprise!