Friday, March 21, 2014

Writing for the NDC Magazine

Before christmas, I received a phone call from Programutvikling. They are the great minds behind the NDC conferences and the NDC Magazine (formerly known as The Developer). During this phone call they gave me an amazing opportunity to start writing for their magazine regularly, and of course I immediately said yes.

Following up on this phone call a few weeks later, I was told they also wanted me on the cover on the magazine, and if I was up for it: to write the editorial. How could I resist? Again, I said yes!

The magazine was published yesterday, if you haven't received the paper version, you can find it online here.

My article "Understanding programming paradigms" is the first article I've written that has been published, and I am very exited to see the endresult. I'd like to thank everyone who have been involved in making this possible, especially my proof readers: @hsulriksen, @ahenrichsen, @YngveNilsen and @clausasbjorn.

From now on I will be writing for the online version of the NDC Magazine. I'm already planning the topic of my next article and I'll give you a hint: It will be related to my NDC talk :)

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