Monday, August 19, 2013

EPiServer 7 RequestError: Unable to load /EPiServer/shell/Stores/metadata/?...

Working in the new EPiServer 7 edit mode, I received the following javascript error:

RequestError: Unable to load /EPiServer/shell/Stores/metadata/?type=EPiServer.Core.ContentData&modelAccessor=%7B%22contentLink%22%3A%2212_24%22%7D&dojo.preventCache=1376896223044 status: 500 

This error prevented me from editing pages and even worst, creating new pages. Browsing to the url in the error message I saw that EPiServer was unable to locate my Editors.css file.

The location of the Editors.css file is configured in the uiEditorCssPaths attribute in episerver.config. Turns out I had moved the Editor.css file to a different folder and forgotten to update the uiEditorCssPaths attribute. So, update the Editors.css path, and the javascript error disappears!

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  1. A tip when troubleshooting this type of error is to open the failing URL in a new tab/window to get the full server error which hopefully contains more information about what when wrong. POST requests are a bit trickier, but you can intercept the error page using Fiddler or possibly with the developer tools in the browser.