Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to work

I've been on maternity leave for eight months, but today is my first day back at the office. Yes, in Norway you get up to a year paid parental leave, which is beyond great! However, staying at home for eight months might not be as fulfilling as first imagined, at least it wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love spending time with my kid, but when he was asleep (and he sleeps a lot) I was bored out of my mind. So I quickly found the need to set myself some work-related goals. What better way to spend those quiet hours with a sleeping kid than to get certified and read all the books I've wanted to read but haven't had time to?
I wrote a blog post in January listing some of my goals for the first half of this year, and I'm glad to say I've achieved all the goals I set except for the bonus goal. In addition to these goals I've read quite a lot of books, I've been a technical reviewer on two books coming out soon and last but not least: I've become addicted to Coursera.
I started out taking one Coursera course in functional programming, which was an amazing course. I recommend anyone interested in programming to add yourself to the watchlist for future sessions of the course: This course resulted in an interview in one of the largest newspapers in Norway where I spoke about massive open online courses (MOOC). And that interview landed me a speaker spot at the first MOOC conference in Norway on September 10th, where I will be presenting my thoughts on MOOCs and the way they are heading. So to make the circle complete, I'm currently doing a Public Speaking course on Coursera in order to prepare for the presentation. Who knew you could take a public speaking course online and actually learn something?
Now that I'm back at work, I'm very glad to see my colleagues again and I can't wait to get started on some new projects! I'm in the process of setting myself some new goals, don't be surprised if I end up blogging about them when I'm done!


  1. Sleeps a lot my ass...

    Started out by peeing all over the changing table. The bread for breakfast was not done so we went for porrige, however while cleaning up after the peeing it got burnt and I had to make a second batch. Which he did not want. Without breakfast we bought a smoothie for him on our way to dad's vaccination. The smoothie went perfectly fine with his clothes, especially on them. When we got home it was time for lunch, chicken with rice, carrots and tomato. This was barely interesting. After playing with the train in his room we tried again, only to see how much poo to produce in order to create a diaper overflow. While changing diaper and clothes one of the dogs decieded to eat the rest of his lunch. But now someone was hungry, and it turned out to be the end of the world while dad perpared some milk. After telling the neighbour that it was not an alarm, just a minor revolution in the crib the milk was finally ready, quickly consumed and someone is sleeping - at last!

  2. Pictures... or it didn't happen :) Seriously, we want pictures of the little guy!