Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Epinova.CRMFramework 2.0 Alpha version has been released

Finally, Epinova.CRMFramework now supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011! The alpha version has just been released on CodePlex, check it out!

Due to a lot of changes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the framework has been completely rewritten with a few consequences:

New requirements:
.NET Framework 4
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

CrmControllerFactory.Instance returns an interface
In previous versions CrmControllerFactory.Instance returned an object of type CrmControllerFactory. This now returns an interface: ICrmControllerFactory.

Permanent removal of CrmQuery class
The CrmQuery system, while functioning in the previous version, was not well enough equipped for complex queries. I’ve removed the CrmQuery class with plans of replacing it with LINQ support in the Beta version.

Temporary removal of CrmEntityController<T>.Find()
As the CrmEntityController<T>.Find() method requires the CrmQuery class, this method has been removed. It will be reinserted in the Beta version of the framework.

Temporary removal of CrmManyToManyRelationshipController<T, V>
As the CrmManyToManyRelationshipController<T, V> class requires the CrmQuery class it has been removed. It will be reinserted in the Beta version of the framework.


Can I upgrade from v1.0 to v2.0-alpha?
If you are integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and you are not affected by the removals listed above, then yes. I would recommend testing well though as I can not guarantee a bug free alpha version (surprise surprise). Replace the dll’s from v1.0 with the dll’s from v2.0-alpha and you’re good to go.

When will the beta version be released?
I can not give you an accurate answer to this question. The more feedback I get from the alpha version, the faster will the beta version be released!

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact me or post a comment :)


  1. Does this work for CRM Online? Or just on-premise?

    1. It only works on-premise at the moment. After I release this as a stable version, my plan it to extend it to work with CRM Online. It's not too much work as much of the existing authentication logic can be reused.

  2. Yup, take a look at the service helpers classes and things that are used to connect up in the SDK for the plugin registration tool and also the SOAP logger solution in \sdk\samplecode\cs\client. These projects in the SDK connect up nicely already with CRM Online.