Thursday, August 26, 2010

I’m joining the team at Epinova!

A lot of things are happening at the moment, and with those things comes great news: I’m joining the team at Epinova!

I’ve worked as a consultant at Itera Consulting (Objectware) for approximately 18 months now. I started fresh out of university, which means I’ve had a pretty steep learning curve.

In university, I had Java programming for my first two semesters and then moved on to C and scripting for the rest of my degree. For those of you who don’t know much about the University in Oslo, it’s all about Linux; Microsoft is considered the ‘dark side’. As a result of this I hadn’t touched an object-oriented language in two years when I started working for Itera Consulting. In addition, I’d never before touched .NET, C# or even Visual Studio (oh yes, I spent my entire time at university playing with Emacs). And worst of all, I had never heard of EPiServer.

So in the last 18 months or so, I’ve bent over backwards in order to learn everything I could about .NET, C# and EPiServer. And Itera Consulting has helped me learn in the best way possible, by throwing me head first into various EPiServer projects while at the same time holding my hand. My colleagues have always been eager to help me, teach me and at times laugh with me when I realize some of the strange things I’ve done.

As always, the hard work has paid off! I’ve simply fallen in love with EPiServer, its community and all that comes along with it. And I want more more more! So Epinova, you’re up next :) I look forward to joining your team and working alongside some of the best EPiServer developers in Norway!

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  1. Great news and congratulations to you, Karoline!

    Awesome recruitment.